YouTuber Getting SUED? Donut Operator, Suzy Lu, Pokimane, iNabber, Destiny

23 apr 2020
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  • Donut is such a good guy happy that that’s the past

    Falke AirsoftFalke Airsoft17 päeva tagasi
  • Suzy Lu complaing about people using her full name when it's her channel name still makes no sense half a year later

    Jackson CJackson C18 päeva tagasi
  • Keem: who’s the number one Uk youtuber? Me: Dantdm Keem: KSI Me: what

    SuperSpiderAndAgainSuperSpiderAndAgain19 päeva tagasi
  • 5:13 5$ is 250 in my country that's more than my allowance in a month

    PLAYER 2PLAYER 220 päeva tagasi
  • Icing donut mention personal names on EEworld to the world would puts a spotlight on these people you can't mention real people's names because yeah the Psycho-Pass come out of the word work and they get attacked so I can see where this guy would go EEworld and say hey he's got my real name posted on his video people can track me down and hurt me what just happened in the past so you guys got a case regardless of what he said in the email or the post you can't use people's real names cuz I dealt with this issue to I've used real people's names and they've erased the whole post or the video unless it's like to me like Charles Manson because he's a public figure because of what he did they don't care cuz he didn't know where he was but he had died at the time so he was Surly safe from getting hurt

    John DoesJohn Does25 päeva tagasi
  • 11:27 no **** u keem not everyone is fake

    TheproplayzTheproplayz25 päeva tagasi
  • "the average person can afford 5/mo" Me: are you sure about that

    DragontrapDragontrapМісяць tagasi
  • 5 dollars a day is 150 dollars a month lol if that’s nothing to you, good for you. I ain’t paying any of y’all 150 a month that’s insane. But the last person I would sub to is destiny 😂 I’m shocked anyone subs to him he seems like such a whiny bitch

    FatmanJonesTVFatmanJonesTVМісяць tagasi
  • keemstar made a rule to join minecraft monday you have to have 'clout'. so him saying the newer uk youtuber caring so much about clout is such bullshit

    Sion GwynSion GwynМісяць tagasi
  • Of course keenstar here😠

    Alan walkervAlan walkerv2 місяці tagasi
  • meninblack

    MatthevermeulenMatthevermeulen2 місяці tagasi
  • ksi biggest youtuber in the uk Me laughing and screaming :DANTDM

    JonesyKidJonesyKid2 місяці tagasi
  • keem is always so disappointed and outraged when people find a way to quietly bury the hatchet, rather than burying a hatchet in the other's back. keem is also disappointed and outraged by people who drag their private problems into the social-media-sphere, to try their cases in the court of public opinion. he has his cake, and eats it too...and will also throw "cake" at people when things are too quiet for too long.

    amy joyamy joy2 місяці tagasi
  • 5:00 to 5:25 get a load of this simp

    Anthony NavarroAnthony Navarro2 місяці tagasi
  • Shout out to scarce , he even reports on smaller channels helping them out if they are in trouble not just 1mil+

    YaboybreadcrumbYaboybreadcrumb2 місяці tagasi
  • Poor donut

    Rory GallenRory Gallen3 місяці tagasi
  • Suzy lu sued. I like it

    omniomni3 місяці tagasi
  • I hope that wholesome guy is a youtuber

    BladeBlade3 місяці tagasi
  • Donut a humble New Zealand steamer 🇳🇿🇳🇿🇳🇿🇳🇿

    Vegemite is disgusting i said what i saidVegemite is disgusting i said what i said3 місяці tagasi
  • Can we keep keemstar out of these, he is dying keep it that way.

    MelivMeliv3 місяці tagasi
  • To Keemstar I have one thing to say: DanTDM

    A dogs YouTube channelA dogs YouTube channel3 місяці tagasi
  • It might be some time now but still 5 dollars in estonia is 4,44 euro which can mean if you eat or starve

    сталкерсталкер3 місяці tagasi
  • Screw these leaches on streaming sights... GET A REAL JOB.. you will have to sooner or later kids. Also, STOP the stupid drama between streamers.. just do your own thing until the day you are broke

    Mine AllmineMine Allmine3 місяці tagasi
  • 1:45 aren't you just showing others peoples content?

    Mine AllmineMine Allmine3 місяці tagasi
  • You Tube sucks balls, Donut is a rock star!!

    Mine AllmineMine Allmine3 місяці tagasi
  • number one youtuber in uk is pewdiepie not KSI :| or did he mean like native british im confused

    Ryan DowlingRyan Dowling3 місяці tagasi
  • the biggest uk channel is dantdm

    The world shall know PAINThe world shall know PAIN3 місяці tagasi
  • simp,

    Soldier_75Soldier_753 місяці tagasi
  • Donut doesn’t deserve hate from a threatener, but the only thing I dislike about donut is him using profanity in his videos when he talks certain cases

    Samuel Caleb BelloSamuel Caleb Bello4 місяці tagasi
    • @SoLongSidekick yeah true i should

      Samuel Caleb BelloSamuel Caleb Bello2 місяці tagasi
    • Aww the no-no words hurt your precious little ears? Might want to stay off the internet.

      SoLongSidekickSoLongSidekick3 місяці tagasi
  • Scarce got trolled by the source code leak lol

    Pwnser _Pwnser _4 місяці tagasi
  • 7:53 Streamer: "No, you don't have to give me money. It's free" Everyone: "Shut up and take my money"

    Aziz AsadullahAziz Asadullah4 місяці tagasi
  • I love donut

    Owen Loves DoGsOwen Loves DoGs4 місяці tagasi
  • I love donut operater he deserves more love than fuckin crazies he is actually alot like scarce but for police situations if your reading you should watch him

    113 Dave113 Dave4 місяці tagasi
  • Ima go unfollow Destiny 2 sek

    Thomi_TheRussiaThomi_TheRussia4 місяці tagasi
  • The guy that doesn't want the subs, he sounds kind of like Korg

    Bonger724Bonger7244 місяці tagasi
  • After that keemstar clip I have gotta say I have much more respect for him then I had

    CxngratzCxngratz4 місяці tagasi
  • Keemstar: Uk EEworldrs fucking phoneys KSI:😭

    AaronAaron4 місяці tagasi
  • those eyes scarce, them eyes

    GrandoReaperGrandoReaper4 місяці tagasi
  • destiny is a SIMP

    Holy DoggoHoly Doggo4 місяці tagasi
  • ThE AVeRAge VIewEr CaN AFFord To PAy 5 DoLLaRS...lel im 13 i get 20 dollars every 3 months

    vill ninevill nine4 місяці tagasi
  • um i make 0 dollars a month im 14 i cant afford it

    itz ronobiitz ronobi4 місяці tagasi
  • i only came here because of donut only

    Saj-KunSaj-Kun4 місяці tagasi
  • I actually watch donuts vids

    ᴏᴊᴏᴊ ᴘɢ3ᴅᴏᴊᴏᴊ ᴘɢ3ᴅ4 місяці tagasi

    V TV T4 місяці tagasi
  • Destiny is just a simp

    Shizuroki TadashiShizuroki Tadashi4 місяці tagasi
  • Keem, Davos, I don't know if you know much about this subject, but there is a thing called... changing your mind

    An AccountAn Account4 місяці tagasi
  • the wholesome guy is like if korg from ragnarok started streaming

    lol lollol lol4 місяці tagasi
  • Donut is one of the most amazing person ever you'll ever watch.....same to you scares

    PandaPlaysGamesPandaPlaysGames4 місяці tagasi
  • What I do before I watch streams is buy 5 dollars worth of popcorn

    Valiant FieldValiant Field4 місяці tagasi
  • Bruh sounding like Korg

    Josh GairnsJosh Gairns4 місяці tagasi
  • Broxh never fails to put a smile on my face

    VitalyVitaly4 місяці tagasi
  • I clicked because I wanted to see what happened to donut 🍩 lol

    FatmanJonesTVFatmanJonesTV4 місяці tagasi
  • Aren’t the people who watch twitch streamers are kids like 16 and under tho

    Relic VoidRelic Void4 місяці tagasi
  • Donut gets heat cause he tells the truth and people hate to hear the truth.

    Richard GRichard G4 місяці tagasi
  • ok I’m done now

    Larry the OtterLarry the Otter4 місяці tagasi
  • People that ask for subs just leave the stream then just wach another streamer

    Larry the OtterLarry the Otter4 місяці tagasi
  • Why’s there have to be drama people just let them do what they do just stop watching them then they probably stop posting I want to try to be on everyone’s side STOP GIVING ANYONE HATE IS JUST CAUSEING DRAMA SO STOP WACHING THEM

    Larry the OtterLarry the Otter4 місяці tagasi
    • Ignore them

      Larry the OtterLarry the Otter4 місяці tagasi
  • Donut Operator is the best...I would hop on that stache... not literally haha.

    Rudolfo GARRudolfo GAR4 місяці tagasi
  • With Destinys vocabulary, with all the cussing, makes his knowledge seem limited.

    Rudolfo GARRudolfo GAR4 місяці tagasi
  • The Quartering is a bitter pathetic person. The world would be much better if everyone just treats him like he doesn't exist

    gootvansquidgootvansquid4 місяці tagasi
  • There so many snitches on EEworld

    EL ChoppaEL Choppa4 місяці tagasi
  • Poor donut. Yes awesome I love him

    Henry PoirierHenry Poirier4 місяці tagasi
  • Keemstar calling people snakes lol he snakes deji ffs

    yeslads-_-yeslads-_-4 місяці tagasi
  • Keemstar talking about clout chasers yet that is his job

    Miller WingfieldMiller Wingfield4 місяці tagasi
  • For one thing: TheQuartering has a track record of harrassing women through means of defamation & using his followers to target them.... (He did it with Anita, Christine & many others.)

    Paul SnellingPaul Snelling4 місяці tagasi
  • This random troll is actually threatening a guy who regularly has two rifles in the background. (I think those are AR-15 platforms? Idk, it's been a while since I lived in Texas)

    Thomas MacFerrinThomas MacFerrin4 місяці tagasi
  • Lmao that's what happens when you defend a snake. Imallex is so scummy

    Samantha MSamantha M4 місяці tagasi
  • KORG lol

    Meliodus WrathMeliodus Wrath4 місяці tagasi
  • You think 18+ viewers (so lets say 18-24) earn more than the average american? and that's indisputable? Hahahahahahahahahahahaha

    george holmesgeorge holmes4 місяці tagasi
  • ugliest guy alive xd

    † MURMELI† MURMELI4 місяці tagasi
  • Destiny is a mega simmmmmmp

    •Axtrowrld 65•Axtrowrld 654 місяці tagasi
  • Anyone who makes death threats even online should face legal actions and jail time. Shit is beyond fucked up.

    Grox44Grox444 місяці tagasi
  • Who is this girl pokie? I noticed a lot of ppl talking about her on youtube so is she gamer streamer or tabletop streamer??

    Angelo TomeAngelo Tome4 місяці tagasi
  • I know donut from demolition ranch yay I know someone for onces!

    Satan The Unholy One King Of All EvilSatan The Unholy One King Of All Evil4 місяці tagasi
  • That broxh guy man I respect him 💯✅

    Nigga u GayNigga u Gay4 місяці tagasi
  • Donut operator doesn't deserve that just because he is showing the facts

    static.yikes _static.yikes _4 місяці tagasi
  • One of my favorite EEworldrs is a British YT, That being pyrocynical, and personally he's a awesome person. But these UK EEworldrs are snakes LMFAO

    That one guy MarkThat one guy Mark5 місяців tagasi
  • Fuckkkkkkkkk you suzy lu

    Quoc Dung NguyenQuoc Dung Nguyen5 місяців tagasi
  • So I've been following doughnut for a few years now why are you so thirsty for subs and views? His video never got removed he wasn't given a "strike" and you only told part of the situation which doesn't even match the title of your video hope the rest of your videos are not like this. Btw he posted a video within the week of this video that you played following up on this topic and the video was older than when you posted this one. Do your research wanna be TMZ.

    joey duckettjoey duckett5 місяців tagasi
  • It’s a shitbag thing to sit on a stream that you do by your own free will and bitch people ain’t giving you money. Destiny has a piss shit argument because $5 a channel across 10 channels you watch? Idiot is on drugs.

    David RitchieDavid Ritchie5 місяців tagasi
  • I’m British... but I’m not fake

    4_mana4_mana5 місяців tagasi
  • Holy cow Scarce how are you relivant still.

    bloxsclaymationbloxsclaymation5 місяців tagasi
  • You can make death threats on EEworld as long as it's directed at the right people.

    MikeMike5 місяців tagasi
  • Poki is fucking thicc

    Antonio RamirezAntonio Ramirez5 місяців tagasi
    • Antonio Ramirez SIMP

      Row RomRow Rom4 місяці tagasi
    • Row Rom want ever man. She’s thicc af

      Antonio RamirezAntonio Ramirez5 місяців tagasi
    • Simp

      Row RomRow Rom5 місяців tagasi
  • A bunch of nerds calling each other names? yeahhh let me know when you get real life problems sissies.

    Chad SanbornChad Sanborn5 місяців tagasi
  • I love donut

    Blake JonesBlake Jones5 місяців tagasi
  • No one cares about destiny lol

    lul lollul lol5 місяців tagasi
  • $5 a day saved for a year can buy you a decent used car.

    Night FuryNight Fury5 місяців tagasi
  • When I see bronut on a video that’s not his:😳

    Dezmon BallardDezmon Ballard5 місяців tagasi
  • keemstar says that uk youtubers are fakes when his beard is fake

    KexTheKoolKexTheKool5 місяців tagasi
  • Why do people even start a EEworld channel?

    Lrd.CastorLrd.Castor5 місяців tagasi
  • I've watched her vids they were in violation lol

    Javier RamireJavier Ramire5 місяців tagasi
  • Wow wow wow looks like nz guy made us proud #nz 7:50

    AoroxonAoroxon5 місяців tagasi
  • Donut is awesome.

    SpookipediaSpookipedia5 місяців tagasi
  • I think Donut will beat this one. Hes straight up and is still posting videos and live streams. That stupid Suzy Lu however, HAS been cancelled and booted from everything shes done. She was definitely the aggressor in these cases

    Michael L RakesMichael L Rakes5 місяців tagasi
  • That entitled attitude big streamers have is why I give exactly 0 dollars to any big streamer. As far as I'm concerned they have enough money rolling in anyhow. And I have a news flash for them some people can't afford it. I think these people get a bunch of money and lose touch with reality and what it's like for the regular folks...

    Compete ToDefeatCompete ToDefeat5 місяців tagasi
  • Destiny's argument is pretty shit tho.

    FearTheBubFearTheBub5 місяців tagasi
  • Donut operator is a tool. He is a statist who promotes tyrannical views.

    13UB18713UB1875 місяців tagasi
  • some EEworldrs think they are famous were, in fact, they are nothing but pond life expecting people to give them money sad fact is people do when people stop they will be nothing

    andy reidandy reid5 місяців tagasi
  • UGH, you can't pay me to watch Keemstar. He's just a s*** stirrer and not only does he NOT research what he reports, he has admitted that he makes up a great deal of it.

    ComfortdollComfortdoll5 місяців tagasi